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A Nice Collection
01.Close-up 01
02.Close-up 02
03.Sailor suit
06.Ball cap
07.Top Hat
09.That Hair!

Matt... All Black & White ... Just for you...

My favorite images of Matt are included on this page. They are so dear to me is because I believe they are rare and capture the "fun-loving" side of him. These images are the essence of Matthew Paige Damon.

Some Magazine Images
10.That smile!
11.In leather
12.Racing Damon (Vanity Fair)
13.Another Vanity Fair
14.Tea time in a kimono (US, maybe)
15.Another kimono shot
16.Famous Matt Damon
17.Putting the feet up
18.Wearing a turtleneck (Matt Damon: His Life Story)
19.Having a smoke (US, I think)
20.Read my shirt

His Very Early Years
21.In a play called "Pippin" (Matt Damon: His Life Story)
22.Singing in "Pippin" too! (Matt Damon: His Life Story)
23.In a play called "Stage Door" (Matt Damon: His Life Story)
24."Stage Door" as well
25.In High School (Matt Damon: His Life Story)

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The Matt Damon Site - Page Twelve

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