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 I have recently discovered something in the media that I find quite intriguing. That "something" is a someone & his name is Matthew Paige Damon. His talent and creativity alone can blow you away but wait...he has the looks as well. He is one of Hollywood's most recent stars. I believe this Harvard cutie is in it for the long haul. A few of his private ambitions are to attend Yale School of Drama and to finish Harvard. He left to pursue his acting career. When will he find the time? It looks like this guy has reached for the top and is getting there at lightning speed. (if he's not there already)

 Damon says, " I have a philosophy about life which extends to how I feel about acting in general. It's about engaging in life, going out and living everyday. There are many times when I look back on things I've done---when I've really tried my best---and they are embarrassing. Hey that happens. I think the worse thing in life is to look at yourself and say, 'What if I had taken that opportunity more more seriously?'

 He can make it big on just looks alone but the kool thing about it is that he doesn't have to. As you know, him and his childhood friend Ben Affleck wrote "Good Will Hunting" together and came home with, not one but two awards. The two (now stars) were out of work and decided to write a script in hopes of landing acting jobs. Well that's all behind them now. Matt says, "It is so much better that fame happened to both myself and Ben at the same time. It makes it more special to look over and see it happening to your best friend is pretty cool" He beat out Leonardo DiCaprio for his latest role as the lead in the film version of the Cormac McCarthy classic,"All the Pretty Horses" and is currently writing "Like A Rock" with Ben. I wonder how Matt would look in fangs? Could he be the next Lestat in Anne Rice's second film?

 A little while after this site went up I joined the Better Builders and the Celebrity Fan Pod at TRIPOD to inspire myself to update my page regularly and provide new stuff on Matt for you, the fans.

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The Best of Matt Damon ~ Page V

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