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All these wallpapers are made personally by me. Some are scanned images from magazines and some of from pictures downloaded off the internet with known credit given.

You may use these wallpapers for personal use only. DO NOT download them and use them on your own website or include them as a collection of your own without permission from me. Please email me with any questions or comments on this matter at [shalowater at]

To download and use:
Just click on the thumbnails and "save file as". Once you have the .jpg saved to a directory of your choice
then go to "Start"/ "Settings/ "Control Panel" then "Display"/ "Background" then "Browse" to your file, open it and "Apply" it. That's all!

For movie wallpapers go to the movie images section of the site. Go to my Celebrity Wallpaper Site for more homemade celebrity wallpaper, including other males and female stars.

Thanks & Enjoy,
webmaster of "The Matt Damon Site"

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All wallpaper made by shalowater

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Updated on December 27, 2004

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