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Updates from 1998 - 2003
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In the process of re-doing the whole site again. Looking forward to reactions from regular visitors. Good and bad comments welcome.

Please disregard most of what I updated last month because now we are back down to 22 pages again. The "about", "fans", "hot", and "webrings" pages have all been taken down simply to cut down on size and bandwidth. The Sitemap/Navigation page has been updated accordingly.

I have just finished adding five(5) new image galleries/pages with miscellaneous images on them. Pages 20 - 24 now occupy that space. There is over 500 images and 21 wallpapers now and more to come. There is a total of 26 pages on the site now and still growing. Please visit the Sitemap / Navigation page or go directly to the Image Gallery page to see the new pages or navigate your way through the site.

I added a Favorite Fan Comments page to the site after reading the Matt Book. I am so happy to see that fans are signing the book. I love getting feedback. Please, keep it up all. I updated the Awards Won page. I won 2 more awards.

Do to the bandwidth problem I have been forced to upload every single image file including the thumbnails to my own web site's server. Everything is finally re-done and re-uploaded. I would like to thank all the fans of Matt and my site who have been patient in this long drawn out process. I blew away the miscellaneous pictures page (for now) because it needs to be better organized. We are back down to 21 pages in the site now.
Also, I have won 2 new awards for the site. Visit the awards and votes page to see them.

Ran out of bandwidth here at Tripod and had to re-vamp the entire site to accommodate for it. I have been forced to store the images at my own domain. I am working now to get it all up and running, ppl. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.
Also, last week I was contacted via email by a representative from Universal Pictures about adding a promotional contest to the site for Matt's newest movie, The Bourne Identity. You may enter the contest here.

Made this page the second(2) page. Probably because I have done so much to the site. I also blew away the Hot Bar Page. Sorry ppl! Anyway, back to work. Today, I am attempting to upload all new stuff and delete all old stuff but I am running out of online disk space.

I am still renovating/re-vamping the entire site. I am up to a whopping 23 pages in the site! The movie images page is divided into 2 pages now because it is huge!!. Right now, I am working on the magazine scan/magazine pictures page that will also be divided in 2. I am adding thumbnails all over the site because I guess they are just better and you see a sneak peak at what is to come that way. LOL. Anyhow, that is what is going on so far.

I sat down last week sometime and started re-vamping the entire site. I updated the email addresses and reformatted a few pages, fixed a few links, etc. I am still at. I hope everyone is still enjoying my site.

Unfortunately, today is the first time I have sat down to update my page. I have been very busy with other things. I am in between online courses on Web Development. I am doing very well, if I may say so myself. Today, I will look for broken links and such, at a later date I will add some more exciting things to the site. thanks all, for hangin' out with me.

Added a new page called Books/Movies with lists of books and movies available to purchase. It includes scans of front covers of the multimedia I own in the collection. Hopefully my collection will grow just as this site seems to be. Added two new wallpapers to the Matt Damon Wallpapers Page Some time ago I did away with the "Others Page" and today I was reading this page and I noticed the links so I took them off from the earlier updates. I guess looking back this place has changed quite a bit.

Added a Ben Affleck wallpaper to The Matt And Ben Gallery.

Added two new wallpapers to the Matt Damon Wallpapers Page. Added a new card to the Matt Damon Greeting Cards Page. A Christmas card, a little late but better than never.

Been busy! Lots of new stuff now!! Added the Matt Damon Greeting Cards Page and the Matt Damon Wallpapers Page! Go play!!

Made this site just a little more exciting and interactive by adding some funky hover text stuff. Changed the style of the tables a bit to cut down on boredom. Fixed the corrupted files on the Hot Bar Skins Page.

Added a whole new section called Hot Bar Skins Hot Bar Skins are skins for your browser. Now you can have Matt's gorgeous smile with you wherever the 'net may take you!! Added a couple links to the links page. Got added to

Added a "Dogma" and a "The Talented Mr. Ripley" section to the "Matt Damon's Movie Portfolio" Page. Joined "The Top 30 Young Hollywood Site" to "About the Best 0f Matt Damon"

Renovated this page, the "Bio/Filmography Page", and the "Matt Damon Picture Gallery"
added "September" to the "Matt Damon Picture Gallery"

"The Best Of Matt Damon" became a "certified celebrity link" with!!

Matt Damon Picture Gallery - added April's pic of the month.

Matt Damon Picture Gallery - added March's pic of the month. Happy belated Irish Day!!(St. Patrick's Day)

Movie Pics has a new look to it and a few new pics on it from an older movie called "Geronimo: An American Legend

Valentine's Day is coming!! - added a special wish to the main page and a HOT Valentine pic on the Pics Gallery

Matt Damon Picture Gallery -added Jan pic of the month. It's late, I know. My apologies to all

"Matt Damon Online" -added a link to a fabulous site I just discovered today

"Movie Pics" has new pics on it from "Rising Son" and "Courage Under Fire"

"Other Celebs" has a new addition, Joshua Jackson and also some new pics

"Other Celebs" with Bill Paxton has been submitted to The Titanic Ring

Added "Damon Art"- a collection of artistic pictures of Matt, image files that have are just a little out the ordinary plus other peoples work as well as my own

Added" Other Celebs" -a collection of pictures of and Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, Ashton Kutcher, David Boreanaz and James Van Der Beek

Added "Matt and Ben" - a collection of images of Matt and Ben together

Refaced the main and pics sites to save loading time and space

Added a bio page

Fixed other.html link and added a very special Xmas gift on the Pics Gallery

Established in October 1998
Updated on 05.10.03

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